Platforms – Trading Forex – Make Tens Of Thousands Every Day

Most people lose all their money in forex, at least the first few times they load up their live account and try to profit from platforms trading. They start out with demo accounts with the platform, most probably with Meta-Trader 4 as it is the most widely used and they practice varying strategies and at least the basics of trading platforms like opening and closing trades.

The first thing that strikes people when they go live is that all their cool emotions are under control with their demo account has flown straight out the window and change into a completely different person. They start smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time and can not leave the screen to eat the toilet. Certainly going live even with a tiny $ 200 account is very emotional awakening.

But even if the emotions were not a problem, the True reason that most people lose their money is that they operate under the same nonsense belief system that has been taught throughout the ages. And the main problem these people suffer from is the use of Stop Losses. The real issue is the Stop. Loses settings do not stop losses – they only crystalize and confirm them. They lock in losses which seems to me to be a crazy way to make a profit.

I do not use the same methods to calculate a stop-loss position, often 50-80 pips away from the price of The trade – but I never enter the setting on a trade. In the alternative, what I do is open to pending Stop Order at 50-80 pips, and if the trade does go bad on me, the trade will always stay alive until it eventually hit my profit target and the pending order goes I live in the interim period just locking my equity to no further losses. Thereafter I have time to manage the trades, and to close both the hedged trades in profit. I refuse to accept any trade is a loser; I hedge my bets at safe levels and then make money on both of them.

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