Robert Kiyosaki Applying The Cash Flow Quadrant To Forex Trading

Those of you familiar with the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki will know about your book “Cash Cash Quadrant” and how it goes in extensive detail regarding 4 very specific groups that We The employee The employee The employee The employee The employee The employee The The employer and the Investor .

The ideal quadrant for those who want to get rich is to be under the Business or Investor quadrant.

Because it allows you to explore leverage to its fullest potential which means you can continue to increase your income by working the same amount of time (if not less) As opposed to an employee or a self-employed person who can only make “x money per hour” worked.

Now, Robert Kiyosaki continually emphasizes becoming an investor because this is the quadrant that allows you to generate passive income. This is the ultimate goal, to become an investor who can generate passive income no matter if he / she gets up for work or not (and this is my personal goal.)

So for this Be reached In the fastest way possible, Mr. Kiyosaki suggests that you build and grow businesses to create cash flow then allowing you to “invest” and eventually become a rich “full-time” investor

Hell does all this have to do with Forex trading?

You see, there is a false belief traveling the Internet where people tend to believe that trade is nothing more than a mere job when in reality They have no idea how powerful this “Alleged work” really has on the impact of your life!

First, let’s start something straight. Forex Trading can be anything you want it to be:

  • It can be a hobby (a very unproductive hobby I can add).
  • It may be “just another job” (as many call it online).
  • It could be a business.
  • So, have patience with me, as I first explain to you how to structure your Forex trading properly, you will be in for the biggest ride of your life. Which exactly occurs and differs between the business quadrant and the investor quadrant: # 1 Entrepreneurs develop “systems” that contain employees for them.

    These “business systems” are nothing more than step-by-step rules and parameters that the employee must adhere to on a consistent daily basis, otherwise known as “jobs.” Some of these rules may be:

    • The days that the clerk works.
    • The time the employee works each day.
    • # 2 Investors create and own money systems that create More money for them.These “investment systems” are nothing more than the rules of entry, risk management and exit for the investor to respect to grow their portfolio over time in a systematic and professional manner

      Forex trading, or any other type of trading, contains an incredible composition not many other types of companies provide.

      You see, in a home-based Forex deal you automatically take advantage of 3 of the best quadrants, even though you still did not realize it!

      Now let me share with you how exactly this applies to your Forex trading your job”.


      This system contains the hours worked per day, the days that he works per week and the job responsibilities, ie to control and manage the risk accordingly.

      This person develops a money-making system that allows you to make money with money.

      He is also the owner of Forex Trading Business.

      But the thing Cool here, is that you are all three quadrants, built in one.

      You are the businessman who

      You are the investor who invests money and makes even more money.

      You are the employee who trades to the company and receives payment A salary.

      The cool part is that because you are the business owner, the investor and the employee all in one, you get the most out of the leverage.

      You work a fixed amount of hours per day just like an employee does, with the difference that your income grows exponentially over time with no additional work involved.

    • You own a business that grows consistently and generates cash flow which, in turn, allows you to invest.
    • You are an investor, with a business that generates a consistent cash flow, which you can now reinvest and earn even more money with your money.
    • Be to set yourself up as a correct business entity not only to protect yourself but also to take advantage of the huge tax cuts that the government gives.

      So, get cracked! And remember, you are an investor with a positive cash flow business and with an extremely hard working hard worker .

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